"The Ukes"

This outfit came into existence almost by accident as a response from a "The Ukrainians" fan in Germany, now also my good friend Carsten who was fond of and remembered my accordion playing when I was still with them. As we had remained in contact, he asked if I could put a show together to do in Germany. A memento of the event was suggested, and a CD called Rokovyny (Anniversaries) , is a selection of the songs we played at this event near Hannover in July of 2002, done in a folk/rock/world music style. Since then, other interest and occasional concert offers has spurred "The Ukes" on to play when opportunities arise here and abroad. Since leaving "The Ukrainians" I session with other bands, live and on CD recording sessions, play in 2 Ukrainian Dance "Zabava" Bands, those being Zhnyva from Waltham Cross, which I have done since before my time with The Ukrainians and recently "Pawlo Stepandry" (Pawlo, Stepan, Andriy) which is the new name for "The Ukes". Between 2007 and 2014 I was also accordionist for Welsh Folk Rock band "Here Be Dragons"


I also do accordion and guitar accompanied performances mainly around the south east UK folk clubs and venues with my unique combination of Ukrainian songs in Ukrainian and English, English language songs in Ukrainian, and other topical self penned material.